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  • This pendant is a timeless classic. The high-quality sterling silver gives it a beautiful shine and exceptional elegance. The incorporated minerals record bioresonance frequencies so that they are available to the body. Vital jewellery with bioresonance frequencies for your well-being.

    Size: pendant 3.6 x 2 cm , necklace length 80 cm (infinitely adjustable)

    Product details

    The Vitality Jewellery collection combines the beauty of a piece of jewellery with the irradiation technology of i-like. The aim was to enrich the jewellery as such with an attitude towards life. Quality of life to wear!

    For this purpose, minerals were incorporated into the precious metal jewellery in the finest Swiss craftsmanship. These minerals make it possible to record so-called codes on the jewellery pieces via scalar irradiation with bioresonance frequencies. When the jewellery is worn, the codes can be absorbed via the morphogenic fields. The goal is clear: a feeling of well-being!

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    100100 Halskette Vital-8